Thursday, May 25, 2006


The last two days were a lot of fun. Yesterday I went to Toronto for a meeting with ATI mobile team. The trip itself was pretty entertaining. I have a lot of things on my schedule so just five days ago I managed to give a definite answer to the question of whether I can come to Toronto. US Airways likes to overbook their flights, so after getting to the airport at 9am yesterday I found out that I can't get on my flight to Buffalo because it was full. I was supposed to meet up with David in Buffalo so we had to quickly change our plans and I took a flight directly to Toronto. Once I got there David and I ate lunch at a very nice Indian place and went to meet ATI guys. We talked about OpenVG, OpenGL ES and their mobile lineup. Getting to meet those guys was a lot of fun and the discussion was just great. Very productive for me. At the end we all went to grab dinner at a place called 'Spicy Momma'. That's one hell of a name for a restaurant! They're definitely not false advertising too (referring to the "spicy" not "momma" part). Two of the guys from the ATI team was vegetarian so we were able to team up and get lots of vegie food.
Since we haven't booked a hotel, after dinner we had to go and look for a place to stay. We found a hotel fairly quickly. We also got some cookies from the girl working at the reception desk (she baked them herself and in this case that was a good thing) and my "happy life" receipt has 'free cookies' very high up on the list, so that made me pretty happy =)
Today the weather was wonderful so we stopped on our way back at the Niagara falls and decided to eat lunch at a place with a great view. It's one of those places that just makes you feel better (even being a city boy myself). Fun.


Anonymous said...


Any more plans on a high(er) dynamic range image format for KDE, or perhaps for Qt?


Zack said...

Yes. I'd like to add support for high-dynamic range rendering (not only loading) to Qt but unfortunately at the moment I don't have a timeline set in stone for that feature.

Anonymous said...

Will KDE 4 use a GL accelerated Xserver like XGL. XEGL is the golden egg that I wold love see appear, but since it's going to take a company ala Novel (XGL) to get behind it to make it happen, What is KDE 4 going to do to make use of The ATI, NVIDIA, and Intel acceleration drivers.

Anonymous said...

Hey Zack.

You might not remember me. My name is Ben Foote. I went to Penn State Behrend with you for awhile (remember Dr. Coulston's class?)

Anyways, I just wanted to let you know that there is a Refused DVD out called "Refused Are Fucking Dead." Its the best band-related DVD I have ever seen. It was made by the members of Refused and basically tells their story from their perspective. Its awesome.

On another note, I'm glad to hear you're kicking so much ass in life. I've read about you on and off since college and its great to see you're doing what you do. If you ever get curious about me, I have a pointless webpage over at

Take care, and let me know what you think of the DVD if you ever get it.