Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Random thoughts

I just remembered that I never mentioned how great Brazil was. And I definitely have to mention the fact that I've been taught how to play "Svn Trunk" which is the best card game I've ever seen. I believe the game is known as "Trucu" in Brazil, but since I've learned it, it's now internationalized and it's been renamed ;) For KDE 4 I'd like to have a common card canvas that things like KPat and in future "KDE SVN Trunk" can share (with some really great winning animations because unless there's a neat animation at the end, winning is pointless).
I'd like to make card decks stylable via SVG as well.
See this?
If that's not the proof that I'm the greatest international Trucu player I don't know what is...

Oh, and today my softrucks arrived. It's been raining a bit lately and I have too many skateboards around to not be able to break something daily on one of them. I'll sit down later tonight to install them on a board and will give it a spin. So if you won't see anything interesting happening graphics wise in Qt/KDE/X in the near future it's because Softrucks don't work that well and I'm most likely in a hospital =)

On a sidenote, a new version of Jahshaka (repeat quickly four times for an additional point bonus) has been released. That application is very impressive.


Dario said...

Hi. I use to play truco in Argentina, but I think is very common in most of south america. Just wanted to tell you some useful links. The whole Truco rules in english [1], and of course, xtruco for gnu/linux [2]

Have fun.



Boiko said...

The Truco Paulista (which was basically the one we've played at FISL) rules are a bit different from the ones Dario posted. I still need to find a place with such rules though.
But in fact, it is a nice game :)


Thiago Macieira said...

Aside from the name, the game described in the webpage dario linked to is almost alien to what I know "Truco" to be.

Salvador said...

Hey Zack,

Playing truco is pointless unless you can't shout ;)

The rules posted where for the so called Spanish Truco.

Was fun playing with you, lucky guy, can't believe you and boiko managed to beat me and farinha :|



caio1982 said...

Hey Salvador, you just missed the best Truco team from those days :-P we won (zack and me) every match we played against you all... you, you... "fried chicken" ;-)

Happy skateboarding, cya next year!