Monday, November 30, 2009

Languages and vGPU

Now that, despite all the protein supplements, I've lost weight again and got myself a beard (grew not bought) I feel like I really nailed the homeless pirate look.

In the spirit of camaraderie I spent a few minutes yesterday fixing one of the longest bugs we had in KDE which was the inability to spell check Indic, Middle Eastern, Asian and a few other languages. The issue was that the text segmentation algorithm, due to my uncanny optimism, was defining words as "things that are composed of letters". That isn't even true for English (e.g. "doesn't" is a word that's composed of more than just letters and breaking it up at the non-letter produces two non-words) and it was utterly and completely wrong for pretty much every language that wasn't using a Latin like alphabet. I switched the entire codebase to use the unicode text boundary specification, tr29-11 as implemented in the QTextBoundaryFinder and it's fixed now.

In other knews we've released the Gallium3D driver for VMware's vGPU (right now called svga, but we'll rename it as soon as we'll have some time). It means that we can accelerate all the APIs supported by Gallium in the virtual machine which is fairly impressive.