Friday, December 15, 2006

California and Cheese

Last week I was in California with Lars. It was a pretty vicious trip. Partially caused by the fact that I abhor flying. I don't have anything against the action of flying itself, but I do have a lot against the airlines. And the fact that Snapple icetea has been taken away from me 3 times on this trip is just atrocious. First they took my Snapple when I was going from New York to San Francisco, then they took 2 more before the San Francisco, Munich flights and finally I was completely stripped when flying from Munich to Oslo. Heartbreaking.

George, Lars and I spent a little bit of time hacking on WebKit. As a result we have our changes merged in the main WebKit repository. Yesterday I've setup a new buildbot and we were able to take down the machine that was heating WildFox's apartment ;) If you're planning to checkout WebKit make sure you look at and see whether in post-commit-linux-qt column the "compiled release" box is green, if it is everything compiles. We're going through some major changes so things break every few hours. If you want to build WebKit just do a svn checkout and follow it with ./WebKitTools/Scripts/build-webkit command, that should be enough to have WebKitQt/QtLauncher compiled and running. There's a lot of things busted at the moment because of the above mentioned changes. We'll fix them once some of the architectural changes that we need will land. Currently I'm serving as the reviewer of all the Qt code which I hope, with time, is going to change as more people gets familiar with it.

Most importantly though, I'd like to thank the person who sent me cheese. Lots of cheese. You absolutely and totally rock. If not the fact that I'm already emotionally involved with Free Software, I'd be all yours. I'm very certain you'd love to see my face when our secretary came to my office and said "your cheese is here". Although it's a perfectly valid sentence, I felt really confused and being certain I never ordered cheese in my life, was seconds away from suing Trolltech over sexual-harassment (I'm not 100% sure why, but I always wanted to do that). Oh, and Norwegian government being definitely anti-me didn't want to deliver the cheese and decided that I have to pay taxes on it. Plus in all their glorious intelligence they decided that something that is marked as "cheese" clearly needs to stay in a warm place while being kept away. Despite Norwegian customs doing their "best" it was one of the coolest gifts ever.