Friday, May 15, 2009


Two facts, one you didn't need to know, other that you should know. I'm the World Champion in being Vegetarian. Did you know that? Of course not, you probably didn't even know it's a competition. But it is. And I won it. My favorite vegetable? Nachos.
Technically they're a fourth of a fifth generation vegetable. But vegetables are like software, you never want to work with them on the first iteration. Like you wouldn't want to eat corn, but mash it, broil/fry it and you got something magical going on in the form of tortilla chips.

The other fact: OpenGL ES state trackers for Gallium just went public. That includes both OpenGL ES 1.x and 2.x. Brian just pushed them into opengl-es branch. Together with OpenVG they should be part of the Mesa3D 7.6 release.

At this point Mesa3D almost becomes the Khronos SDK and hopefully soon we'll add an OpenCL state tracker and start working on bumping the OpenGL code to version 3.1.


sandsmark said...

It is awesome to see this stuff actually starting to come together! Congratulations to you and the rest of the team!
Oh, and a steak is a second generation vegetable (if you don't feed your cows cow, but that is gross).

Edward Miller said...

I like first iteration vegetables and software. I think I'll have some carrots as I try to test out this new state tracker

mmm rabbit food.

Anonymous said...


I challenge you to an ultimate Vegetarian match to the End (tm)!

I am the terror of vegetables everywhere having devoured their kind mercilessly for over sixteen years!

All shall quake at my Molars of Terror(tm) and stand in awe of my phytonutrient count.

Gorilla food has a power that can not be denied... (kind of like open source software, I guess...)

*Ahem* now back to my geeky stuff. Bring on Gallium3D! :)

bestouff said...

Now that's talking. Excellent news, thanks Zack !

Anonymous said...

Gallium3D coming together is like magic.. I think trolls should start making a QPainter state tracker and I hope backends will become complete asap. All in all..this is a revolution!

AndreasFrische said...

go vegan, dude ;)

Riku Voipio said...

Will this mean mesa3d will support EGL as well as GLX? In any case, great news :)

Unknown said...

I just checked Guinness. My beer agrees: you are the best vegetarian ever.

The rest of us need to try harder.

Unknown said...

It's amazing how quickly the various state trackers are coming together. Gallium is a work of genius.