Friday, August 31, 2007

In London

Today was my last at Trolltech. Some of you already knew that, the others are likely getting mouth to mouth reciprocation right now while a heavy set man is charging defibrillator paddles next to them (breath, breath!).

Technically Qt is years ahead of all of its competition and with Trolltech's amazing engineering team it will continue doing great. I felt that other parts of the Open Source graphics stack could use my work a little more at the moment.

We (Open Source community) move at an astounding pace but the lower parts of our graphics framework are lagging a little bit behind. I wanted to go back to working on those parts of the graphics stack and it made sense for me to join a company that would directly profit from my work on Mesa, DRI, drivers and X.

This Monday will mark my first day at Tungsten Graphics. The engineering team at TG includes the likes of Brian Paul, Keith Whitwell, Michel Dänzer, Alan Hourihane and others, which reads almost like "Who's who in Open Source graphics". Clearly the only thing that was missing there was someone who looks really good naked. That's me. I also know a thing or two about this whole "graphics" thing which tends to help.

I'll be living in London for the next ~2 months or so. In England, while mainly working on Mesa, I'll be filling the void left by the departure of Victoria and David Beckham.


Anonymous said...

Wow - there's a shock! Any chance of a return to TrollTech a few years down the line ... ?

Anyway, I'm glad that all of the Free Desktops will now be able to benefit from Naked Zack Goodness :)

Anonymous said...

While I'm sure that everyone values Victoria's and David's contribution to the Free Software world, you're much more in the ballpark of Diana.

Have fun in London, Zack, my own private Queen of Hearts!

Anonymous said...

Hey Zack,

Are you coming back to the States after that?

Cheers and good luck with new job,


Anonymous said...

Good luck with your new job and if you can do something for the r300 3D hardware acceleration that would be cool, too ;)

Wesley said...

I wish you the best!
Please do continue all the interesting graphics stuff :)

Anonymous said...

Hey, that sounds cool. Never forget to keep us updated about your work. ;-)

Good luck with your new job and if you can do something for the r300 3D hardware acceleration that would be cool, too ;)


Anonymous said...

While I'm sure Trolltech are very sorry to lose you, I'm actually quite excited about this to see another very talented hacker involved with X etc. Congratulations and good luck

Anonymous said...

Good! If you'll be working on the r300 driver I'll be more than willing to excuse your awful taste in desktop environment. :D

Anonymous said...

Hey, that sounds like a wise decision. Working on the higher layers can only get you so far if the foundations are lacking. So - good luck, and show them what high performance means :)

Gustavo Sverzut Barbieri said...

Hey, if I know that I'd have invited you to live in Recife! Much better than London ;-)

Hope you'll still have some time to come for next BossaConference!

Good Luck!

Anonymous said...

Good luck in London!

Will this affect Quasar? Will you/Trolltech release the code for some of the experiments you posted on, such as the Flash player-inside-a-QWidget?

Anonymous said...

I think I'm supposed to say something like "congratulations !!"
uh... what about quasar ? :s

good luck !

castano said...

Congratulations! I look forward to seeing your contributions to Mesa! Are you going to continue working on your GLSL compiler?

Anonymous said...

Now you gone and made the baby jesus cry.

*Hack* planeta

Język polski (blask) jest *tongue* *cretins*, i wyrabia jed *nimble* jak (podobny do; podobnie do tego; upodobanie do) *sesquatch*

Good luck captain

Anonymous said...

funny like always the GFX ninja ;)
i like the thing with the naked stuff lol

Jengu said...

w00t! Glad to see getting more help.

Anonymous said...

yep, shocked :) although not exactly negative news :) keep on blogging! you're the best ;)

Anonymous said...