Sunday, January 14, 2007

More boolean ops

I've spent most of the day just playing around with different degenerate cases of boolean operations. I've recorded a short movie showing some live path merging - the one case that should be interesting to application developer is combining two simple rounded rectangles to produce a frame with, what one can easily imagine to be, a highlighted selection on the left. Note that in this case two simple rectangles are enough to produce animation of the selection rectangle on the left going up and down between the "imagined" items :)

And also I forgot a very important thing, which is that Gunnar and Eskil hooked me up with a very cool QtJambi mug. They're doing an amazing job (working on QtJambi, not giving out cups). And here's the mug (and the last I checked, the thing holding it, was me).


Odin / Velmont said...

Wow. You look like my brother. :-D

Very nice, I can see how this will benefit applications. Suddenly making incredible nice applications doesn't really seem like much of a hassle.

Anonymous said...

How many objects would it take to really slow things down doing these types of operations?

Anonymous said...

Files selections could be very beautiful with this solution.

I like this mockup from gnome :

Maybe it's easily doable with qt now.